600+ Preconfigured Equipment Dealer Processes

Leverage our accumulated knowledge from past equipment dealer implementations

Our Experience, Your Benefit!

Are you afraid of an integrated system project, because you are not sure what you will get in the end?

In NAXT you get over 600 equipment dealership specific business processes in a preconfigured environment – on day one of the project!

Over the last few years our aim has been to streamline the NAXT platform and incorporate all of the best practices and all of the best processes our customers use on a day-to-day basis. By doing so, we now have over 600 equipment dealer-specific processes integrated within NAXT. You can benefit day one of your implementation from the experiences we’ve had with our existing dealers.

Traditional ERP/DMS implementations are risky

Traditional ERP/DMS implementations can often require hundreds if not thousands of hours of describing your business processes to ERP vendors so that they can design your system. Then, after months of preliminary discussions, you finally get their specifications and an additional price tag for the development.

At the end of the day though, you still don’t really know what you’ll get in the end, and there is always a risk of it not being delivered on time.

All in all, the process is usually time-consuming and expensive, and the results are never a guarantee.

NAXT covers about 95% of a dealership’s needs

Most people assume that every company, and in our case, every equipment dealership is unique. This is true to an extent, but XAPT has been working with equipment dealers for more than a decade, and aside from certain differences, we’ve found that their core business processes are more or less the same – regardless of the dealership’s size or location.

With standardized processes, NAXT covers about 95% of a dealership’s needs right out of the box!

Rapid ERP/DMS implementation methodology for equipment dealers

Rapid Implementation for fast ROI

With our rapid implementation methodology SEAL, dealers can be up and running in a matter of months not years. Utilizing SEAL, your dealership will achieve success quickly and gain from industry leading best practices.

Through the readiness and maturity of our product, helped by our methodology NAXT can be implemented in 6 to 18 months. Our fastest implementation for CAT dealer H. Petersen took only 4 months!

Effective, risk, management

Ensure your budget and deadlines

Less effort and less duration to implement NAXT then implementing a traditional ERP/DMS product.

Risk Management for CEO, Equipment Dealer

Less risk to implement

We deliver a standard system with minimal customization requirements to significantly reduce project risks and costs.

rapid, implementation

Get what you see

Equipment dealers are invited to our demo showcases to try and test all our processes with no strings attached.

Our Customers say
"We selected NAXT because XAPT could credibly demonstrate the capabilities of the solution, in real-life, based on preconfigured business processes"
Martin Briggs
"All of the hard work from the dealers that preceded Thompson on XAPT’s NAXT platform truly made a huge difference. Those efforts led to the development of XAPT’s pre-configured solution which allowed our project to finish on budget and within the agreed timeframe. A big thanks to all those involved from XAPT and Thompson’s extended ERP Team throughout the dealership"
Matt Serotsky
ERP Project Manager at Thompson Tractor
“We want to grow and we want to enhance ourprocesses, and I believe NAXT is the most credible option for a CAT dealer to achieve this.”
Ramnarine Persad
CEO of Massy CAT
H. Petersen goes live in new DMS in 4 months – Case Study
Rental fleet utilization, labor efficiency, parts performance and CRM penetration are now operating metrics that can be measured and acted upon as they occur. H. Petersen is expecting no less from the new operation in Uruguay and is poised for growth and excellence.
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