8 examples how NAXT helps Branch Managers operate their equipment dealership

8 examples how NAXT helps Branch Managers operate their equipment dealership

  • 19. October 2016

As a Branch Manager you have more varied responsibilities than virtually any other manager. You are responsible for the branch P&L, branch operations, branch staffing, branch maintenance, branch human resources, branch sales, branch rentals, branch parts, branch service, branch transportation, etc.

Have you ever stopped and thought about how many redundant steps are required by these disparate operating systems?

We have developed and deployed a best in breed equipment Dealer Business System that encompasses all the areas discussed above, plus additional functionality that will make you and your operation more efficient, effortlessly increase productivity and drive greater profitability. Here are a few specific examples of how NAXT will make you and your dealership more lean, efficient, and, profitable:

1. Create your own Branch Financial Reports

Be up to date with all crucial financial information about your equipment dealership such as:

  • Profit and Lost
  • Balance Sheet
  • Sales by Department
  • Technician profitability
  • Parts Profitability
  • Rental Fleet Utilization

2. Manage purchasing of consumables:

  • Enforce purchasing policies by requisition/approval work flow
  • Create spending limits and categories by employee
  • Purchase from approved vendors to capture greater quantity discounts

3. Greater insight into equipment utilization and profitability

Built-in business intelligence can provide even greater insight into equipment utilization and profitability. You can identify trends with the type of equipment that is sold or rented most often so that you can make sure you have these items on hand and avoid investing in the equipment that isn’t used quite as much.

4. Greater control in employee time and attendance management

  • Track profile-based, clock-in/clock-out registrations for workers
  • Generate pay information to payroll system
  • Support time entry for revenue based employees and tracking of overheads

5. Automatically backorder emergency and stock

Add parts from the counter order entry screen. Order is transmitted to OEM and acknowledgement backfills in the background.

6. Easily obtain rental fleet utilization

You can easily obtain physical, time and financial rental fleet utilization at the fleet, division, branch, make, type, model, and serial number level. This includes obtaining utilization for work tools and attachments.

7. Extend sales reach

Include your online storefront and online marketplaces such as OEM parts distribution sites.

8. Gain greater control on work orders:

  • Close and invoice by segment, segment range
  • Create segment level quotations to track upsell efficiencies
  • Manage and measure flat rate sales
  • Validate and properly price outside work and materials

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