9 reasons why NAXT helps Sales Managers to manage their equipment opportunities

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9 reasons why NAXT helps Sales Managers to manage their equipment opportunities

  • 10. August 2010

Are you tired of trying to figure out your pipeline from so many different, disconnected sources of information? Are you constantly re-working projections so that you have the right equipment at the right location at the right time?

Chances are, the answers to both questions are YES. You have the responsibility to your dealer principal to keep inventory costs low, but yet, maintain sufficient inventory to meet market demand. You are probably working with a number of different software solutions today to be able to accomplish these tasks, such as accounting and financial software, Customer Relationship Management software, Sales Forecasting Software, traditional dealer business management software and OEM driven software.

We can show you a way to better manage all of these functions within one complete dealer management system – NAXT. NAXT, a true world-class Enterprise Resource Dealer Management platform, drives all the functionality required to successfully operate and streamline your dealership.

1. Highly sophisticated sales forecasting

In the Sales world, start with our integrated CRM which is tied directly to accounting and equipment ownership/service records; add to that a highly sophisticated forecasting tool that can prevent the same opportunity as showing up multiple times. As an example, if your power systems division is quoting a project on a back up generator for a new building project and multiple contractors are bidding, NAXT ties all the opportunities connected with that into one opportunity. As such, your critical job of accurately forecasting potential pipeline is greatly enhanced.

2. Customer relations at its best

Customers expect you to have information about sales, rentals, and other services at your fingertips. Sales and customer service representatives need to be confident in the data that they have when working with customers. They can’t simply ‘hope’ that the equipment will be available when a customer requests it, they need to ‘know’ when contracts start and stop and be able to access the schedule quickly and easily. An integrated dealer management solution can be seamlessly integrated with a CRM solution so that you and your team can access all of your business and customer data within a single, centralized location.

3. Sales representatives pipeline reports

Set up your dashboard to see your pipeline and important activities, arranged in any manner you want. Quickly drill down to see what each sales representative has pending, where they stand vs. quota and where you stand vs. quota. Instantly look up prime product on order to determine how to fill urgent needs by moving assets between orders.

4. Fully integrated pricing engine with the leading OEM’s

Imagine having a pricing engine that integrates fully with leading OEM’s that constantly updates pricing and configurations. Depending on the OEM, you also have instant visibility into updated or changed shipping dates, orders that are pending grief due to potential configuration issues, change in standard features that may affect your cost basis, etc.

You are also able to instantly drill down and see where each sale stands now vs. from original quotation and signed order – no more costs creeping in during the sale that are only discovered after the fact.

5. Automate activities based on marketing campaigns

You can also create automated activities based on marketing campaigns, or when a competitive machine lands in your territory and is recorded on a UCC; also, migratory machines, when identified by the OEM can be subject to this activity. Make sure you are penetrating 100% of your potential market and let the power of your business system make you more productive.

6. Do you know who are your most profitable customers?

Quickly access customer spend information; understanding who your most profitable customers are will enable you to build a firmer base of loyal customers. Understand what customers actually cost your dealership money to do business with and create a program to either build productivity or more activity.

7. Direct interfaces with the leading OEM’s

Stay on top of all OEM mandated reporting via the many direct interfaces NAXT has with leading OEM’s. Score, FID, PINS and POPS are just a few of the live interfaces that will enable you to spend more time working with your team and less time at your desk.

8. Greater insight into equipment utilization and profitability

Built-in business intelligence can provide even greater insight into equipment utilization and profitability. You can identify trends with the type of equipment that is sold or rented most often so that you can make sure you have these items on hand and avoid investing in the equipment that isn’t used quite as much.

9. Fully integrated system with other departments

In addition to CRM, NAXT contains all functionality one would expect from an industry leading provider: Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Management, Time and Attendance, Equipment Management, Product Support Management, Parts and Inventory Control, Service, Service Contract and Warranty Management; Equipment Rental Management; Power Systems and project management.

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