XAPT to indroduce Digital Transformation for Equipment Dealers

The session will be held on 4th April from 11:30 AM – 11:45 AM, at Theater 4, Microsoft Envision.

XAPT to introduce Digital Transformation for Equipment Dealers

Miami, Florida – March 15, 2016 – Every business wants its employees to be more productive, more proactive, provide better customer service while contributing to, and increasing the sales of the organization. Imagine having a tool that can help your staff provide advice to your customers that can help them know when to perform repairs based on machine health, avoiding catastrophic failures and lengthy downtime.

XAPT Corporation, a leading global provider of specialized Microsoft Dynamics business solutions, will be conducting a session at Microsoft Envision detailing its exciting breakthrough in machine learning, using XAPT’s proprietary Big Data analytics.

Led by Daniel Enekes, XAPT Global CEO and technical visionary, this informative session will show you how to create a closer relationship with your customers by deploying XAPT’s advanced solutions.  Learn how to correlate data utilizing XAPT’s machine learning capabilities; an innovative development only available to dealers using XAPT’s proprietary NAXT – Microsoft Dynamics AX for Equipment Dealers solution.  Witness the power of predictive analytics as XAPT demonstrates how a dealer can deliver more focused and customized service while increasing customer satisfaction and reducing their net cost.  Gain insights into how the advanced inputs from telematics, work orders, machine work history, oil sampling and other data points provide output that pinpoint which service and parts are specifically needed at the correct time.

Daniel Enekes, XAPT Global CEO, said “XAPT continues to be of the most innovative technology development organizations globally. We are again ahead of the curve delivering this new disruptive technology to our equipment  dealer partners, providing them with a huge advantage over a typical equipment dealer.  This is another example of how XAPT continues to innovate and deliver unrivaled value to our dealers. “

Many leading equipment manufacturers have embraced Big Data at the manufacturer platform. XAPT is the first solutions provider dedicated to the equipment distribution industry to provide this critical analytical capability on the dealer level.

Those who attend this informative session will leave with a new perspective and understand how their dealerships can benefit from this technological innovation for decades to come. The session will be held on 4th April from 11:30 AM – 11:45 AM, at Theater 5, Microsoft Envision.


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