Business Intelligence

Provides dashboard capability to make proactive and responsive decisions based on real-time information.


  • Get real time data via embedded KPI’s and alerts within NAXT D365
  • Analytical workspaces with embedded Power BI to access interactive “near real-time” reports
  • Users have the ability to customize their workspaces with those reports most relevant to their needs
  • You can use multidimensional analytics as well, which means high complexity reports can be run large volumes of data and accessed by various reporting tools

Power BI

  • A self-service business intelligence (BI) platform used to discover, analyze, visualize data, and share or collaborate these insights with colleagues
  • The benefits of Power BI with Microsoft Dynamics 365 are:
    • to take advantage of pre-built Power BI reports for Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • to use Power BI Desktop to modify and customize your reports and visualizations
    • to embed your own Power BI reports within Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • to use Power BI and Microsoft Office Excel together
  • Power BI can be connected to any public data source (D365 FOE or/and other)

For more BI features get access to the video library now!

The videos are focusing on real equipment dealer scenarios.

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