Financial Management

General Ledger

  • Financial accounting record management
  • Configuration of multiple and recurring journals
  • Allocation of cost and income
  • Supports the creation of closing transactions
  • Preparation of pre-closing documents and closing books
  • Unlimited financial dimensions
  • Advanced account structures and rules

Bank Management

  • Maintain the legal entity’s bank accounts and associate financial instruments
  • Monitor deposits, payments, drafts, and bank balances with support for
    electronic payments
  • Manage letters of guarantee and cheques

Accounts Payable

  • Match and pay invoices
  • Allocate charges
  • Pay expenses, commissions, and salaries
  • Track purchase order prepayments
  • Provide vendor access to relevant information through the vendor portal

Accounts Receivable

  • Assign multiple credit limits
  • Track invoices, terms, and discounts
  • Process customer prepayments
  • Receive and enter customer payments
  • Monitor credit cheques and manage collections; centralise and monitor all activities by case

Fixed Assets

  • Manage the full accounting lifecycle of asset; acquisition – depreciation –
  • Easy transfer of equipment from new to rental fleet

Cost Accounting

  • Track, record, and analyse costs at product or activity level at normal, absorption and
    standard costing methods
  • Power systems projects; specifically milestone billing and revenue recognition

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