Human Resource Management

Provides a fast and efficient way to benefit from a comprehensive framework of capabilities.

Organisation Administration

  • Administer organisational structures; formal and informal hierarchies
  • Undertake position and role management

Recruitment and Selection Management

  • Administer recruitment processes; campaigns, screening, candidate correspondence
  • Facilitate job posting and application processes through a cloud-based service

Development and Performance Administration

  • Manage employee skill sets
  • Make easy assignment decisions; allocating technical assignments according to capability

Skill Tracking

  • Manage employee skill sets; fully integrated with service management
  • Track employee certification renewals


  • Set up, deliver, and analyse training courses

Employee Self- Service Portal

  • Manage personal information
  • Enter timesheets
  • Order products
  • Process expenses

Travel and Expense

  • Manage expenses with integrated workflow
  • Submit travel requisitions for approval including projected cost of travel
  • Define expense policies and automate the reimbursement of travel expenses
  • Gain insight into expense behaviour with the expense management data cube

Benefits Administration

  • Define organisational benefit plans
  • Enrol workers in benefits
  • Assign dependent coverage
  • Designate beneficiaries

Absence Management

  • Establish, communicate, and monitor absences and associated policies

Time and Attendance

  • Track profile-based, clock-in/clock-out registrations for workers
  • Generate pay information to payroll system
  • Support time entry for revenue based employees and tracking of overheads

Compensation Management

  • Manage employee compensation

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