Procurement and Sourcing

Facilitates direct and indirect procurement of goods and services, and establishes centralized buyer capability across your dealership.

Direct Procurement

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of procurement including returned orders
  • Undertake direct deliveries, pro forma purchase orders, and landed- cost including freight,
    insurance, and unrecoverable taxes

Trade Agreements (Vendor)

  • Manage price and multifaceted discount policies in all currencies
  • Use workflows to drive compliance with internal policies
  • Set up prices in a single currency with automatic conversion to vendor’s currency


  • Manage agreements based on monetary or volume commitments
  • Set up agreements with specific terms and conditions
  • Monitor agreement status

Request for Quotations (RFQ)

  • Manage the RFQ process including vendor reply, comparison, and selection
  • Enter vendor replies in the vendor portal
  • Extend the procurement process with a cloud-based service to facilitate the RFQ (Request for Quotation) process

Vendor Management

  • Extend the vendor on-boarding process with a cloud-based dialogue to improve the
    vendor experience

Indirect Procurement (Catalogue and Non-Catalogue)

  • Manage purchase requisitions of indirect goods and services
  • Use a catalogue-based or non-catalogue-based procurement process supported by an
    approval workflow determined by organisational hierarchy
  • Create a Microsoft SharePoint®–based catalogue which supports punch-out capabilities to
    external vendor sites
  • Budget check

Category Management

  • Define different category hierarchies related to commodity codes or catalogue/item
  • Manage overall spending based on categories

Purchasing Policies and Signing Limits

  • Enforce purchasing policies through a centralized procurement desk
  • Define policy rules to support global policies and processes; automatic application to
    purchase requisitions and purchase orders based on the legal buying entity and
    operating unit
  • Six policy rules; catalogue, catalogue access, purchase requisition RFQ, purchase requisition
    control, purchase order creation and demand consolidation
  • Expenditure reviewers and signing limits

Procurement Reporting

  • Transactional reports
  • Pre-defined data cube to generate analytical reports (e.g. vendor and procurement spend
    analysis, top 100 vendors, vendor performance and KPI’s)

Procurement Workflows

  • Drive and govern procurement operations using workflow
  • Use a flexible and visual workflow engine to improve efficiency and compliance across the
    procurement cycle
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