Project Management and Accounting

Gain the upper hand with procurement and scheduling of all engineered products. Possess the ability to re-cast all assembly activities based on changes in materials availability. Easily manage multiple projects to insure that the necessary resources are available when they are needed.

Project Management

  • Plan, create, manage, control, and complete investment, time and cost projects
  • Create a project hierarchy comprising multiple subprojects
  • Easily plan projects of any size; matching work requirements with available resources
  • Plan and organise projects using Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) templates
  • Find the right resources for the job with task requirements (skills, education
    and experience)

Work Breakdown Structures

  • Create hierarchical Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • Add specific information; schedule, requirements, estimated cost, revenue, and skills
    or attributes

Project Resource and Schedule Management

  • Schedule tasks and allocate resources
  • Track schedules, manpower usage, and cost-to-complete

Project Time and Expense

  • Capture project time and expense quickly and accurately
  • Charge travel-related expenses against specific projects with expense management
  • Distribute expenses to a single project or across multiple projects

Project Accounting and Invoicing

  • Enter and itemise project costs, employee hours, materials used, and fees incurred
  • Streamline billing of projects
  • Create and edit invoice proposals for hours, expenses, items, sales orders, fees,
    subscriptions, advance and deduction payments, or milestones
  • Split billing enables shared project costs between multiple customers or internal
  • Retention terms can be specified on customer invoices and vendor payments
  • Approval workflow ensures accurate project invoices before they are sent to the customer
  • Schedule payments to project vendors
  • Retain part of payment to a vendor
  • Enforce contractual cap on project costs with funding limits

Project Quotations

  • Quickly build accurate project quotations using Work Breakdown templates
  • Select the right opportunities to pursue using project quotation profitability
  • Gain project visibility with quotation approval workflows

Revenue Recognition and Work-In-Progress (WIP)

  • Recognise actual costs to avoid potential cost overruns
  • Post and accrue revenue for fixed price jobs based on completion percentage or
    completed contract
  • Accrue revenue or capitalise costs for time-and-material projects to recognise gross margin
  • Handle WIP for investment projects before final elimination of the WIP value to a fixed price

Project Budgeting and Cost Control

  • Manage projects with forecast (hour, expense, item, fee, on-account) and budgets
  • Approve original budgets and revisions through workflow enabled project budgets
  • Maintain project cost control by summarising actual cost, committed cost, and remaining
    budget to discover total expected cost, and compare with the original budget.
  • Measure utilisation rates by comparing actual hours to budgeted hours
  • Compare the status of invoiced and chargeable transactions of a project or contract with
    the project quotation

Interoperability with Microsoft Project

  • Integrate and streamline project delivery with scheduling and resource management
    capabilities of Microsoft Project Server 2010
  • Bi-directional interoperability with Microsoft Project for projects, activities, tasks, and
    resource allocation


  • Gain insight in project management performance with predefined KPI’s in the project
    accounting cube
  • Access standard reports including reports for profit and loss, consumed costs, payroll
    allocation, invoice on-account, actual versus budgeted costs, and cash flow
  • Use project controls to gain a real-time snapshot of project performance
  • Use utilisation control to gain a real-time snapshot of project performance
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