Rental Management

Enables dealerships to become much more efficient: seamlessly transfer equipment, calculate rental conversations, manage contracts, track equipment and work tool utilization.


  • Easily obtain utilization (physical, time and financial) at the fleet, division, branch, make, type, model, and serial number level. This includes obtaining utilization for work tools and attachments.

Pricing Engine

  • Advanced pricing engine supports multiple rental rates (e.g. standard duty, multiple shifts, continuous duty, demolition, harsh environment etc.)
  • Set pricing based on jobsite
  • Control discounting by setting pricing parameters for rental coordinators

Equipment Tracking

  • Communicates with leading telematics
  • Depending on the transmitter, automatically obtain hour meter, location, fuel level, error
    codes, and geofencing
  • Supports automatic overtime billing for long term contracts

Attachment Handling

  • Financially affix an attachment or work tool to a carrier
  • Easily track service history and utilization of attachments

Insurance Management

  • Verify the presence of proper coverage; provides the ability to sell LDW as an optional
    item on a contract


  • Fully integrated equipment movement tracking instantly creates shipping or receiving
  • Using barcoding, ship and receive equipment in the yard with a handheld device or smart phone
  • Issue a purchase order to the trucker as required that is tied to the movement record
  • Easily view available equipment, equipment pending service, or returned
  • Allows quick and easy scheduling of future requirements

Lien Reporting

  • In areas where a notice to owner is required, automatically generate and transmit requisite
    notices to the correct party

Incidental Charges

  • Easily add fuel charges, transport charges and environmental fees as either a fixed amount
    of a percentage of overall revenue
  • Recapture the cost of damage repairs by billing from within the contract

Customer Portal

Allow customers to:

  • View equipment on rent
  • View rental equipment availability
  • Review equipment assigned to a specific jobsite
  • View historical rental information
  • View rental invoicing
  • Begin a new rental request

Smart Phone

  • View equipment on rent
  • Ship and receive equipment from the yard
  • View customer rental rates
  • View current list of equipment assigned on rent
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