Customer Relations

Customer Relations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Equipment Dealers delivers powerful, integrated customer, sales and marketing management capabilities

Trade Agreements (customer)

  • Manage price and multifaceted OEM discount policies in all currencies
  • Set up prices in a single currency with automatically conversion to the customer’s currency

Sales Agreement

  • Manage agreements based on monetary or volume commitments
  • Set up agreements with specific terms and conditions
  • Monitor and manage the status of sales agreements
  • Manage estimated Vs. actual costs to drive higher profitability

Marketing Automation

  • Develop, conduct, follow up, and analyze marketing campaigns for any defined group of
    customers and prospects

Lead and Opportunity Management

  • Manage leads and opportunities
  • Import and track competitive equipment in your territory via UCC integrations
  • Create, review, update, and manage lead information
  • Associate employees, responsibilities, and campaign data with stored information

Sales Management

  • Set, monitor, and manage sales performance of sales personnel, sales units, and sales
  • Assign multiple sales representatives to one account based on market segment or area of responsibility

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Share sales information between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    both online and on premise

Case Management (including Sites Services)

  • Efficiently open, assign, resolve, and follow-up on customer issues from a single form
  • Extend the case management process with a cloud-based service, facilitating dialogue with customers

Commerce Services

  • Extend sales reach to include your online storefront and online marketplaces such as OEM parts distribution sites

Sales and Marketing Reporting

  • Gain insight in sales and marketing performance with predefined KPIs in the sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cubes
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