NAXT is moving to the cloud! Request your free TCO Study and learn more about the benefits!

XAPT’s aim has always been to guide our customers on the journey of digital transformation and provide the latest tools from Microsoft. Now, the new cloud generation of NAXT is available on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud platform. This will enable XAPT customers to leverage the cloud benefits and give them the flexibility of a subscription model.

We would be pleased to provide you a personalized study regarding your estimated current Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) running NAXT 2012 and the estimated cloud model costs/benefits. We can provide the generic Study for you if you fill out our form. The email has to be a corporate email matching with one of our customers. The personalized study will be ONLY provided if requested by the CIO, IT-Manager or other C-Level Director of the company.

Your Business Case Study aims to reveal the benefits and the possible steps of upgrading to the cloud version of NAXT.  This is provided with no strings attached and includes the following:

This Study details the costs related to running the current system and the achievable benefits by upgrading to the cloud based NAXT solution.

  1. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the current on-prem solution was calculated, as detailed later.
  2. The benefits of the cloud environment (we called it Opportunity Costs) and certain benefits of a higher-level Business Agility.
  3. The advantages of the NAXT365 solution.

What will you get with the study?

After submitting the form on the right, we will review your request and send you a generic Study for you as a conversation starter. The Total Cost of Ownership part of the Study will include:

  • Computing Base
  • Network & Storage
  • Software Licenses
  • Data Center costs
  • Personnel Costs
  • Sandbox Environments
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Application Software Enhancement Annual fee
  • NAXT original license fees annualized cost

Besides the TCO, you will also get the calculation for the benefits of the cloud model

Moving your ERP to the cloud comes with tangible business benefits. In the document, we are going to calculate your TCO by considering the following tangible benefits:

  • Downtime Costs (difference to cloud SLA)
  • Pay per use model benefits
  • Continuous Deployment benefits
  • Business Agility benefits (Return on Agility)
  • NAXT365 Cloud based benefits
  • NAXT365 Version benefits
  • NAXT365 Roadmap benefits