Rapid implementation methodology for NAXT

Reduce risk, lower costs and go-live with confidence

Leverage our accumulated knowledge from implementations

Our unique implementation methodology, called SEAL, provides a competitive advantage that supports accelerated deployment, increased quality of implementation, reduced risk, and reduced cost for your ERP/DMS implementation.


NAXT’s 600+ dealer-specific business processes are a valuable deliverable that is part of our rapid implementation methodology. Our goal with SEAL is to keep project implementations on time and within budget – each and every time.


The “industry best practice” approach SEAL accomplishes this by doing away with requirement-driven implementations in favor of an “industry best practice” approach, that leverages our accumulated knowledge from past equipment dealer implementations. Our industry-specific and preconfigured solution provides our clients a fast track and low-risk approach, which is easier on a client’s resources.

You are driving this process!
ERP, DMS, project implementation
Seamless Go Lives
Our implementation focuses on our clients having direct experience with the entire process at every level. This drives value that is seen at Go Lives when our customers are well prepared and trained. They are ready to assume responsibility and control of the new system, business processes and administration responsibilities to make “going live” a non-event.
ERP, DMS target date, budget, implementation
Ensure target dates and budgets
With our SEAL Methodology, we have the framework to control and manage each step of the project life cycle. Our disciplined project control processes will guide the implementation through each phase and provide our clients the tools they require to effectively manage and reach target dates and budgets. Adherence to an approach like this, that is proven to deliver projects on time and avoid unnecessary risk to a customer’s business is a professional philosophy that all XAPT consultants, project managers, and principals rely upon.
Low risks, ERP, DMS implementation
Low risks throughout the entire process
Our project activities have an element that considers eliminating or mitigating risk. We strive to ensure that our consulting, project management and technical teams work with our customers to actively consider the potential risks of any design or implementation strategy. As a result, our project teams are well prepared to minimize the unanticipated and manage any issues as we progress through each phase.



XAPT delivers a preconfigured environment. Your personnel begin training using your new software from day one
Equipment Dealer roles and responsibilities


SEAL provides equipment dealers with a core set of security roles and responsibilities that identify which roles are responsible for each task within each business process
Equipment Dealer ERP DMS tarining manuals


Standardized training manuals are provided as a baseline for training all team members. These manuals are standardized for the heavy equipment industry
Equipment Dealer Project Management for ERP DMS


Project Management is critical when implementing a new Dealer Management Solution. To aid in this process we have created a number of tools
Equipment Dealer Software 600 processes ERP DMS


Feature Test Scripts (FTS) breakdown each business process into specific business functions. The FTS Library covers all of the standard Equipment dealer business processes
Equipment Dealer ERP DMS Data Migtation


Over 21 data migration templates are provided to equipment dealers as a tool to use to assist with data migration process

Rapid Implementation for fast ROI

With our rapid implementation methodology SEAL, dealers can be up and running in a matter of months not years. Utilizing SEAL, your dealership will achieve success quickly and gain from industry leading best practices. Through the readiness and maturity of our product, helped by our methodology NAXT can be implemented in 6 to 18 months. Our fastest implementation for CAT dealer H. Petersen took only 4 months!


Less effort and faster implementation for NAXT than a traditional ERP/DMS system.


We deliver a standard system with minimal customization requirements to significantly reduce project risks and costs.


Equipment dealers are invited to our demo showcases to try and test all our processes with no strings attached.

Thanks to our unique, yet proven implementation methodology, we have never failed an implementation

“All of the hard work from the dealers that preceded Thompson on XAPT’s NAXT platform truly made a huge difference. Those efforts led to the development of XAPT’s pre-configured solution which allowed our project to finish on budget and within the agreed timeframe. A big thanks to all those involved from XAPT and Thompson’s extended ERP Team throughout the dealership”.

Matt Serotsky
ERP Project Manager at Thompson Tractor Company

“We wanted to implement a system with a proven track record and we also were keen on minimizing the uncertainties in the project. NAXT is uniquely offering over 600 predefined equipment dealership specific processes, and it was amazing to see how the system already seemed to fit our needs. We are not forced to start describing our future processes at the whiteboard, but we rather chose from the library of processes NAXT brings and we configure them to our specific needs. For this reason, we expect a shorter implementation time and a quicker return on this investment. We want to grow and we want to enhance our processes, and I believe NAXT is the most credible option to achieve this”

Ramnarine Persad
CEO of Massy Machinery
H. Petersen went live on NAXT after only 4 months of implementation by using SEAL
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