TERRA Holding and TERRA Austria Go Live On NAXT

"This will enable us to gain the full benefits provided by the modern functionality and industry-tailored system from XAPT." - Ulrich Lammer, CFO of TERRA

TERRA Holding and TERRA Austria Go Live On NAXT

Earth-moving, construction, and industrial machines dealer TERRA goes live on NAXT to consolidate operations on an integrated Dealer Management System for better operational and financial visibility.

Vienna, Austria – November 29, 2017 – Official JCB dealer TERRA, which operates 36 outlets in 13 countries located in Central and Eastern Europe, successfully went live on NAXT, the solution exclusively offered for equipment dealers on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Headquartered in Vienna, TERRA provides a wide variety of equipment products and services to various industries like construction, forestry, material handling, agriculture, landscaping and waste and recycling. As a JCB and 13 other brands dealer, TERRA offers customized solutions for its customers in sales, finance, rentals, and extensive after-sales support.

In reaction to their growing business and customers in multiple countries, the company decided to digitally transform all areas of their business. The new ERP/DMS solution will enable them to consolidate their operations on a single system, making them more resilient against market volatility by better forecasting and cost streamlining. The new system is also meant to help identify best practices at the 36 locations and share them across the entire company.

NAXT integrates all departments on one Microsoft platform –finance, parts, sales, rental, service, purchasing – providing real-time data on all aspects of the business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales ensures a holding-wide sales reporting, while MailChimp and website integration enhance marketing processes.

“The first milestone is achieved with the go-live of the Holding and the first operational country. It went very well, thanks to great efforts by our internal project team and due to the great support by the XAPT team. As a next step, we will now fully concentrate on a quick and smooth roll-out to all our other subsidiaries to have all group companies in one ERP system as soon as possible. This will enable us to gain the full benefits provided by the modern functionality and industry-tailored system from XAPT.” – said Ulrich Lammer, CFO of TERRA

With NAXT, TERRA deployed a system with more than 700 built-in equipment dealer-specific processes and has already started to use over 400 of them. This baseline of industry practices allowed TERRA to launch a highly standardized system, keeping the level of customization low, thus significantly reducing project risks and costs.

“We are proud to be working with TERRA, and we will work hard together to have all of the 13 subsidiaries within the system as soon as possible to ensure fast return on investment from the integration.” – said Zsolt Ambrus, Vice President of Marketing at XAPT Corporation



The TERRA Group is a financially strong group with a solid company size that combines the advantages of a family business with those of an international corporation with independent subsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe. Experienced specialists in the individual countries combine product and industry expertise, and understand the conditions of their respective markets. http://www.terra-world.com

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