AED / EDA Washington Fly-In: Meet us in Washington!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Tuesday, April 4, 2017 @

It’s more important than ever for equipment dealers and manufacturers to attend the 2017 AED / EDA Washington Fly-In, April 4-6 – the equipment industry’s premier public policy event. As the Trump administration takes control and the new congressional session heats up, policymakers will be considering proposals that will have a substantial impact on your company’s bottom-line. In years past, the industry could rely on Capitol Hill gridlock to stifle harmful bills and the threat of looming deadlines and elections to push through must-pass highway and tax proposals. A new sheriff is in town and “business as usual” is a relic of the past.

  • Location: 415 New Jersey Ave. NW, Washington D.C., 20001
  • Date: April 04-06, 2017

In the near future, Congress and the new administration will consider the following issues which will have a direct impact on your primary product markets and cost-of-doing business:

  • Comprehensive tax reform
  • Surface transportation, water, and airport infrastructure investment
  • Workforce development
  • Protectionist trade policies
  • Energy development
  • Regulatory reform
  • Workplace safety and employment issues
  • Expansion of environmental policies

XAPT strives to be at the forefront of what’s happening in the equipment industry. What we learn at AED / EDA Washington Fly-In allows us to constantly improve what we do, and create more and better services and tools for our customers, so they can achieve more with less.

Meet us there!

We’ll have our consultants, project managers and team leaders all on hand to answer all of your questions. We would be happy to meet you during the show and discuss more about our solution and provide you a sneak peek demo. Please, contact us directly to schedule an appointment with us.

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