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NAXT - How to sell a piece of equipment in NAXT?

In this video we show you how to manage equipment in NAXT. We are going to create a sales quote, and then sell that piece of equipment to your customer and send them an invoice.

NAXT - CRM functions for Equipment dealers

Quick overview on CRM functions in NAXT.

NAXT - How to create a Rental Contract in NAXT?

NAXT enables dealerships to become much more efficient: seamlessly transfer equipment, calculate rental conversations, manage contracts, track equipment and work tool utilization.

NAXT - Mobile Services

With NAXT you can schedule service routes and send information to your technicians on the field. NAXT allows technicians to complete virtually their entire day without connectivity and sync their mobile devices with servers when back online.

NAXT - Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Heavy equipment dealers

NAXT is designed for equipment dealers who sell, rent, or maintain machinery and equipment. We are dedicated to streamlining the back-office processes undertaken by equipment dealers so you can spend more time on sales and product support that drive profitability and growth.

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