What’s new in AX7 for CAT dealers?

Friday, July 22, 2016
45 minutes

What's new in AX7 for CAT dealers?

Register now for the upcoming 45 minute webinar. - Only for CAT dealers
Friday, July 22, 2016 @
45 minutes

NAXT has reached a new milestone and is now available on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX.  XAPT introduces NAXT for Microsoft Dynamics AX7 – specially developed for Caterpillar Dealers around the world.  This new version offers the opportunity to host your dealer management system on the cloud with a redesigned user experience.

Vice President of Business Development Sean Skiver will talk through the following topics:

Short introductionSean Skiver
Navigation - The look and feel of Microsoft Dynamics AX 7Sean Skiver
Workspaces - Intended to be the primary way that users navigate daily to tasks and specific pages. Sean Skiver
Task Guide – Easy to use functionality within AX7 for user training Sean Skiver
SEAL – Our rapid implementation methodology helped H. Petersen to go live in June in only 4 months.Sean Skiver
Q&ASean Skiver

The new cloud based version of Microsoft Dynamics AX7 is now ready for a sneak peek.  We will highlight the new look and functionality designed specifically for Caterpillar dealers.  Register now for the upcoming 45 minute webinar.

Brad Fleming

Sales Team Lead, XAPT Corp.
"This is an exciting cloud based release of AX. We at XAPT put tremendous efforts in developing new features to give Caterpillar Dealers a cutting edge tool to manage their business. On the webinar, I will give you a „first look” at some of the new and exciting features of AX7."


Friday, July 22, 2016 @ 11:30 EST, 45 minutes - Only for CAT dealers
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